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Social Media
Earn from Socail Media !
If you use some popular social media sites you can easily make a good amount of money from these sites. There are many companies who wants fans for their companies and sometimes they pay us to become their fan. These companies uses third party sites which provides you these sites, all you have to do is join their site then they will give you sites which you have to like, the payment is also high but there is a downside of these websites that if you once like those site for money you can't like them again for more money it means 1 website = 1 like. The following are some sites where you can earn money from your social actiities.
1. is a great site where you can't just earn from your facebook likes but also from your other social media accounts like Google, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinerest etc. The more social media accounts you have the more money you will get, But don't even think about making 2 or more social media network accounts as if they find out that you are using 2 or more social media network account than they will suspend your accounts and you will get nothing. You get coins for each exchange ( like, follow share etc ) and you can exchange your coins into dollars. Coins per dollar exchange changes for every membership type.You can also exchange coins for traffic for your website. If you don't have different social media accounts you should not join this site but if you wnat to join this for earning through FB you can join.
If you don't want to use Funciti you can count on this website. This is a good site for FB users because this website is only made for FB users. If you have an FB accounts just connect your account to this website. They usually pays you $0.04 dollars per like. So start using this website you will be given some pages to like at start usually 30-40 sites, sounds good! but after that you may get 5-10 pages per week, so don't forget to visit this website per week if you are intrested !
Same website like above but the pay rate is upto $0.05 but there are not many pages to like. This website had used same script as above site but i don't like this site because of very few pages. So i will not recommend you to join this site but maybe in future they may get more pages to like so keep visiting their website.
It is a great site it pays you upto $0.05 per action plus they also gives toy $5.00 for only sign up. They just not pays you for likes but also for tweets. So if you have twitter account than thisis a good oppertunity for you.